Too Big to Fail?

Our country is still “in recovery” and the real estate market and new construction industry are still waiting to see the signs of recovery.  This video offers an interesting take on the too big to fail theory.  Are we better off today or not?  What do you think?

The recently proposed Qualified Residential Mortgage rule, requiring 20 percent down payments, has spurred more in-depth studies on its potential effects.  This will definitely affect the real estate recovery.

Despite the economic troubles Americans have experienced, it is clear that a majority of people still believe in home ownership and the desire for home ownership as part of the “American Dream” is still consider a goal many people work toward.  Achieving that dream will be increasingly difficult for buyers if our government  requires  a 20 percent down payment.  That is why Realtors® are strongly urging regulators to go back to the drawing board on the proposed rule and find a better solution.

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